Sunday, October 24, 2004

SNL and live music

If you've been watching Saturday Night Live for awhile, you've surely noticed a few slips in the live music acts, namely, the music is not live. I've seen a number of stars, Janet Jackson coming to the top of my mind, who were lipsyncing on the famously live program. Last night it was clear to see via TiVo that Ashlee Simpson was not actually singing on her first song. But the serious gaff came during her second set, when the band started playing one song, and the tape started playing another. The New York Daily News called it singing in the key of fake.

Really, it was kind of funny, to see her dancing while her voice started, then faded out, then started and faded out a second time. Adding to t he moment, she then walked off stage just as the band found it's groove and a commercial was hastily inserted. As Jude Law was closing the program he said "What can you say? It's live TV." Ashlee, being the young, impudent thing she is took the chance to say she was very sorry and blame the band for playing the wrong song.

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