Friday, October 15, 2004

Friday Night Lights

It's a gorgeous night here in Texas, especially under the Friday Night Lights. I haven't seen the movie, but I did go to the Celina Bobcats homecoming football game tonight.

It was small town football at it's best. To get there, drive north of Dallas, through the bustling suburb of Plano, past the new mall in outlying Frisco, continue north past farms and ranchs until you get to Prosper (pop. 2,250), and then you're only a short drive away. You'll know where to turn, because most of Celina (pop. 1,750) will be turning left towards the high school and the lights shining down on the field.

The field itself is plush astroturf and the crowd must be number more than 1,000 people. You can tell the home team stands by the ocean of Bobcat Orange, filling the bleacher seats.

Walk past the items being raffled for school scholarships and find your place as the announcer asks you to stand for a moment of silence while the preacher with the megaphone intones a prayer for the youngsters about to play. And when the home team scores on the first play, catching a great pass and finishing the last of the 69 yards to the end zone, you won't be mistaken about who the proud father of that boy is.

We left after the third period. Celina Bobcats 41, Prosper Eagles 0. It was a good time.

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joy said...

How exactly did you end up doing such an activity?