Sunday, October 24, 2004

Bush / KerryTest - Where Do You Stand?

Cafe HedonistiX has a link to the Bush / Kerry Test. This 10 minute test/poll is pretty good at asking side by side comparisons about the candidates different stated positions. After completing the poll, you are presented with your results.
Based on the answers you chose, you scored 18 points for President George W. Bush and 22 points for Senator John Kerry.
Your views most align with the views of Democratic Candidate Senator John Kerry.
Despite this, I still plan to vote "None of the Above."

I've stated before, this election is all about President Bush and how people feel about his handling of terrorism, the war in Iraq, and the economy. Very little of this election is about Senator Kerry and his opinions. But I want to publicly state, "I hope John Kerry loses the election by a landslide."

Even though I disagree with Bush on a number of issues, the bigger issue for me is the state of the loyal opposition. The Republicans are well organized and funded and understand how to fight for an issue. Right now the Democrats are not well organized and only seem to understand how to fight against Bush. The Dems cannot capitalize or lead well with this as a long-term strategy and losing the national election in a big way might help them come to a new strategy. I realize this is a long shot and very unlikely, but it's about the only thing I see that has a chance.

It's not about wanting to vote for Democrats, it's about having a choice between two strong parties/candidates, something missing in the current election.


joy said...

I'm surprised I guess, I came out 33-12 for Bush. Of course the survey has to be taken for what it is - in my opinion, it doesn't do a good job of really waiting across issues, given only 3 levels of importance.

Anyway, my biggest problem was the questions where I couldn't say I really was closer to one opinion or the other because both are so far from what I really believe. And actually I'm sickened by the thought of either being elected.

ABCD II said...

39-11 for Bush

joy said...

ABCD II, I blame you for my score! :)