Friday, October 15, 2004

Nick Nolte's Diary

This stuff is great. I don't read Vance anymore (hmm, where is that link?), but it was fun for a time. And today I ran across a great set of daily entries in the wonderful Nick Nolte's Diary. I liked the first few so much I went through his entire diary, starting just a couple months ago. He is engagingly honest and open about his life. Here's one of his humorous entries.
Backyard excitements

I had been researching soft liners for the pool online this afternoon. Then I heard a crash and got to the windows onto the breezeway in time to see my two gardeners struggling to pull their mower out of my ditch as the mower's engine spewed a jet of gasoline skyward. It reminded me of a similar event that happened on the set of a movie I worked on. Except replace the mower with Sean Penn, Diary. Anyway, with the excitement over I went back to my research. I would have offered them a lemonade or some such from the kitchen, but my dishwasher doesn't always get my endorphine-loader regimen residue off the glasses, as my kendo instructor Leon knows all too well.
Thanks to J-Walk for the link.

Update: This diary has been renamed to "Not Nick Nolte's Diary" and now has a disclaimer above each entry about how the following is a piece of fiction. *sigh*

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