Saturday, October 30, 2004

Biggest fleas ever

I've only occasionally and peripherally ever been around flea markets and they all sucked. The same cannot be said about First Monday Canton. The thing is huge, covering acres of shopping. While it was easy to find folks selling absolute junk, there was plenty more available for purchase.

The weather started very cool, in the 60's when we left the house. But the sun, when we were outdoors and not under tree cover, was able to break the 80 degree mark, and it was too hot. We spent five hours there, didn't see everything, but did have an exhausting day.

Wagner 9160So, why did I agree to head out there? Well, I did it for Kristi, because I knew it would make her happy. And she wanted to go for me, so we could find a much desired antique fan for my upcoming birthday.

We ended up buying two! The first is a large oscillating Emerson that will need some professional clean-up. The second, a smaller Wagner-model 9160-looks fabulous, don't you think?

While I have not been able to locate this model during the initial research, I do know the 9260 series oscillates (this one does not) and was out in 1919. Please note, these fans are not child safe and should not be used around children.

So, Kristi gets credit for giving me some great stuff on a good day. And Purdue gets credit for making the day suck by losing a third straight game, this time to Northwestern.

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