Monday, October 04, 2004

Big Tex says, "Welcome."

This is one of the photos Kristi & I took while visiting the State Fair on Friday.

The day can be summed up by the following quote from Kristi, "I got everything I wanted at the State Fair, and all you got was a funnel cake."

The bumper cars were fun, the games obviously rigged (or we would have won), the show with trained dogs was good, and the weather hot, but better than many days.

The fair was fine, and my last trip to a statefair was in IL, back when the Osmonds were cool enough to be touring state fairs, and Jimmy was the highlight. Which just goes to show it's been awhile.

What I do miss from those early trips were the 4H tents with all the livestock. I cannot tell you why I miss the smell of horses, cattle, and pigs, but the fair doesn't seem right without 'em. And I miss the Milnot (r) presentation.

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