Wednesday, October 27, 2004

My Yahoo! Beta

Lately I have been using My Yahoo! Beta. You have to register and then customize the page for yourself, but I like what I can do. The Beta version is more attractive and has more options, so it is a definate improvement over what went before; in fact, it's probably why I use the service more.

Anyway, I left some feedback after initially setting up the My Yahoo! Beta and I have never received any acknowledgement of my effort. So today I left some more feedback.
I took the time to leave feedback recently and I did not receive acknowledgement of my effort. This lack of response leaves me disappointed and makes me want to *stop* using your products.

What a shame.
It's a shame, because success in the modern world is all about the customer experience, and my improved experience led me to wistfully and foolishly think I would continue to be satisfied. *sigh*

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