Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Nice thoughts

I just received this quote and wanted to share it.

"There's a better form of security: reconnect with the rest of the world, don't shut it out; stop making enemies and start making friends. Perhaps it's asking a lot to expect America to act differently from all the other empires in history, but wasn't that the original idea?"
--Brian Eno

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Anonymous said...

You really felt the need to share that? However noble this sentiment might seem on its surface, it cannot but collapse after running head-long into the wall of reality.

Reconnect with the rest of the world? Would that have stopped 9/11? Tell the terrorists, "Hey, let's be friends, not enemies!"

Should we subjugate our foreign policy to the likes of the feckless French and Germans because we want to be liked? Why shouldn't they be the ones kow-towing to the necessity of our friendship? Is the hypocrisy here not obvious?

America isn't even close to perfect - and no institution of man could possibly be - but anyone who doesn't see that the degree of our benevolence likely exceeds that of all previous empires is, in my opinion, a fool or an ass worthy of contempt.