Tuesday, June 22, 2004

The Democrats are Dead, Long Live the Democrats

No one has asked me, but in my opinion, the current Democratic Party (DP) is dead. Even should the economy get so bad or the war cause such heartache that G.W. is not re-elected it still will not mean there is life in the DP. All it will mean is G.W. was not re-elected.

I'll have to post at a future time my thoughts on why the country seems to be coalescing around Bush and a conservative agenda. I'm not sure I have it figured out, but I'm thinking about it.

Anyway, since we are stuck with a two-party system, for good or for ill, and since my claim is that the current DP is dead, what's left? Well, with a lot of work, maybe the Truman National Security Project will light the way towards a renewed (reinvented?) DP. They are self-described as a "Democratic national security organization dedicated to forging a Democratic foreign policy founded on strength and security, grounded in a strong military and active diplomacy."

My latest thoughts on this topics were spurred by John Weidner.

Aside: I claim time of death as 9 Sept 1998. While the DP had been dying an odd death of "poll-popularity" and "opposing party position acceptance," this is the date of the Starr Report. Tales of denim dresses and cigars finally killed what was left of new DP ideas and partison fighting between the parties was all the DP had left.

If you want to argue the time of death as 27 Sept 1994, (Republican Contract with America) and the following debacle as death spasms, I'll not argue.

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