Sunday, June 20, 2004

Diplomats for Change

I am not a conservative. In fact, I do not test as a liberal either, but all of that is another issue. The point I want to make is I do not accept all the George W. does merely because he does it; I disagree with oh-so-many of his policies. And that being said, GW is no post turtle either.

So it was with interest I read this post about a highly estemmed group of diplomats that disagree with the administrations policies. Some of the points I liked, because the mirror my own thinking, are:

  • The United States is feared and distrusted across the world much more than in the past.

  • Bush is the one pushing foreign policy, not a cabal of Cheney/Rumsfeld/Wolfowitz/et al.

  • Asking or hinting that Rumsfeld should have quit after Abu-Ghraib would have been a good/strong thing.

  • The Powell Doctrine was right, we should have had many more troops when we started this.

I can only ask that you read and think for yourself.

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