Sunday, July 18, 2004

Alphabet Soup

A couple weeks ago I was driving home from poker and talking to my brother Tony on the cellphone. It was a good night, I had won $23 dollars or so and saying this was two good weeks in a row, even though I couldn't remember what I had won the week before. Tony says, "Twenty dollars."


"Twenty dollars. That's what you won last week."

And then I remembered, I was talking to him on the telephone after the last game, and he knew.

It's good to have a brother. And despite what other people think, he's not a bother. Really. So, get to know my brother at his new ABCD II.

Heck, right now he's the only person commenting at this place.


ABCD II said...

It's funny that I come to your blog - for the sole purpose of putting in a comment to remind you of my blog - and the top post is about me. Ironically, while I now have the perfect entry on which to place my comment, I no longer need to.


Paul Davidson said...

Now you can add your cousin to the list of those who (1) comments (2) also has too much time on his hands.