Monday, July 19, 2004

Will the real terrorist please stand up?

Over the last month or so I have been occasionally wondering some new thoughts while listening to the news. (I don't watch much TV news, relying instead on NPR and the Internet.) Anyway, I have stumbled across someone who has expressed my ideas, apparently after doing more research than I have. Here's the quote by David Warren in a post by Belmont Club:
In the course of three years' intense study of the issue, I've become convinced that there is -- well, this is a slight exaggeration -- no such thing as "Al Qaeda" It is, more precisely, only a name applied vaguely to one of several financing and logistical arms of the Wahabi branch of what could more accurately be called the "Islamic Jihad".
The entire entry goes on to say a number of significant points, but among them are we are not looking for the right information and therefore do not see the threat round us, the reluctance of Western countries to declare all-out war, that this war has been going on a long time, that it is a war against a large faction within a religion, not a country and therefore has no real capital or army we can easily bomb.

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