Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Just a Statistic

The world is a small place and I like it that way.

We all have friends and family and sometimes both in the same person. One of my friends is Joy. She used to be family, now she is a friend. She's a co-worker too, or supervisor, if you prefer.

Anyway, it was with joy that I discovered she has a blog too. The difference is, she is truly expressing herself. Go ahead, read the link.

You'll she is expressing herself and what she is going through. I don't do that. Not that I haven't expressed a little bit, but I imagine who might read this and under what circumstances they may read this. For instance, Kristi's friends read this, and her mother read it just last week. A potential customer or employer may read this. A journalist looking for dirt may read this. And if you understand what Google is doing, once they get ahold of you, it may well be available forever. So I parse. Quite a bit. And this makes me sad.

I'll end with a quote from her site.
I used to say "now I'm a statistic" but then a dear friend pointed out that I was a statistic before, just a different one.

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