Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Beware Of People

Some years ago I read about the nut job (@ PETA?) who wanted the planet for animals, not humans. He's got to be at the extreme on the issue, no?

Maybe not. Forbes magazine has an article by Heidi Brown about the increasing violence by animal rights activists. While I appreciate the concept of good stewardship, including taking care of the planet and the varied resources, I think it is ludicrous to condone, support, or conduct violence in the name of good stewardship. I think it is ludicrous not to use those resources to improve our own lives, which is what good scientific research--using animals--does. Which would your rather have, a cure for cancer 2, 10, 40 years sooner, or to know that mice are no longer being harmed?

The article requires membership or that you read from the magazine. Or you can come by and borrow mine.

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