Thursday, February 10, 2005

Old Friends

One of the people I still keep in (loose) contact with from the old gang at Purdue is Emily (Swaim). Back then she was just Em, now she's Mrs. Damson. Kristi & I went to their wedding a couple years ago in Indianapolis and really enjoyed the ceremony and trip.

I thought about this last week because they gave everyone a home-made CD of music. The first track are some nice words from Emily and Mike, and the following is just a great selection of songs. I really need to bring the CD in from Kristi's car so I can listen to it more often.

This week I received a very different message from Emily. Her father passed away on Monday after trouble with his heart.
My dad had been fighting an uphill battle over the last several months. We thought that after he entered the hospital 2 1/2 weeks ago, that we'd be able to get him back into good shape, get him a new heart and get him back home. He fought terribly hard, but ultimately lost the battle yesterday afternoon. His heart was down to only 5% of it working, and it just couldn't keep up.
They started a Memory Page for him, an online 'life story' for those of you familiar with Em.

Our hearts go out to her and her family in this time of grief.

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