Monday, February 21, 2005

Future News

I have a new, personalized logo coming soon. Right now it's a great big charcoal sketch. I also have it in .tif and .jpg format, but the files are too large for me to open, and I don't have a program to edit it anyway. *sigh* But I'm getting some help for all of this lined up and it's gonna be great (in a couple weeks).

I also have a new resume coming. I have a draft and I'm pretty happy with it. The generic broadcast letter is okay too. I'll post a link after the edit is complete (later this week).

And I think a new business is coming, based upon last week's trip to CA. I have a couple questions that still need answering, but I put the optomistic odds at 65+% (within the next month).

And because I have rededicated myself to the job search, along with the new resume, I'm confident a new job is just around the corner (following interviews in March and April).

What's your (hoped for) news?

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