Saturday, February 19, 2005

I might be dweebish

I don't really think of myself as dweebish, or even overly geeky. I like to think I can converse with true geeks, but that my feet are firmly planted in the world of average folks. This may not be completely true. The clues have been coming on strong lately, like when Kristi says my jokes are just like an engineer's; long, dry, and not very funny even after the explanation. Now I'm really excited about a new Microsoft product, the upcoming Office Small Business Accounting. Have I fallen off the deep end?

Anyway, I like Quicken for our home finances. For small business purposes I like Peachtree a bit more than QuickBooks, even though I have the latter.

But this new accounting platform does a couple things I really like. First it looks and operates like my current Microsoft Office programs. Second, it is suppose to be a bit simpler to use (and shouldn't we do everything we can to make accounting simpler?). Third, it integrates with an upgrade to Microsoft Outlook 2003, something I previously expressed some love for.

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