Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Don't be normal, be happy

Kristi & I signed up for the local Blockbuster response to Netflix. It's $15 (introductory price) to rent all the movies we want for the month. We picked two movies Kristi wanted to see, The Whole Ten Yards and Connie and Carla.

I have to say, I laughed until I almost cried at Connie and Carla. Briefly, they are misfits who love to perform in dinner theatre settings and have the mistake of witnessing a murder. Here's the conversation they have as they hit the road in Thelma and Louise wigs.

Connie: "We've got to go someplace where they'd never look for us, because there's no musical theatre, no dinner theatre, no culture at all!"

Carla: "Los Angeles."

It's not giving away anything to tell you they end up masquerading as drag queens and doing a damn fine job singing their way into the hearts of West Hollywood. The movie is formulaic and doesn't rise to much, but the songs are all show tunes and generally well done. It's a shame the only musical I've seen this year is a send-up, but it was good none the less.

Seriously, I watched the audition scene twice. What a scream.
[Links to clips are in QuickTime, which seemed to work better.]

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