Thursday, August 26, 2004

Being yourself.

Sho is a 13-year-old attending the University of Chicago for his joint MD/PhD degrees. He's already graduated from Loyola in three years with honors. And best of all, he has parents who care and have seem to have a good understanding of the world. Here's a quote from a letter written from father to son.
"If you do well, people get jealous. If you do badly, people laugh at you. If you stay the same as others, people ignore you. Do you change who you are because of people? No. If you change, you are not you anymore, you become a leaf blown away by the wind from the mouth of people who do not know you, do not really care about you, and are very busy for their own self interests."
A full article was written up in the Chicago Tribune.

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ABCD II said...

Not to brag, but I'd bet that, like Sho, I'd have been a child prodigee in a property supportive and nurturing environment. At a bare minimum, I'm sure I could have been graduated from college a couple years earlier - which would have been when I was 21.