Friday, December 31, 2004

Tsunami Toll & Relief

The tsunami that hit southern Asia has caused massive destruction. The death toll is staggering, and the photos show unbelievable devastation. A number of respectable charities are rushing aid to the area and I want to encourage you to use one of them.

If you have not yet chosen a charity, let me recommend Oxfam. And to give you something in return for your donation, I pass along the following message from a software company I have used and like.
This is Nick the CEO of CoffeeCup Software.

I'm sure you have heard about the earthquake and tsunamis that have devastated Asia. Over 120,000 people have died so far and almost 1/3 of these are children.

I just gave to Oxfam - a respected non-profit that is working to help survivors of this horrible disaster. Oxfam can not give you anything for your donation, but CoffeeCup can give you software when you help the people of South Asia.

You can donate quickly and easily online Here:


If you donate more than $35 email me your receipt and I will give you your choice of CoffeeCup VisualSite Designer, CoffeeCup Firestarter, or CoffeeCup PixConverter.

Donate more than $100 and I will give you the CoffeeCup HTML Editor or CoffeeCup Direct FTP.

Donate $500 or more and I will send you ALL of our software on CD.

To get the software just donate to Oxfam using the link above, then email your receipt and choice of software to:

Thank you for your support in this time of great need,

Dr. Nicholas Longo - FounderCEO
CoffeeCup Software Inc.
It's not much and maybe it won't mean anything to you, but it's a gesture of support for those in need. So I share this with you while hoping we all find one of our own.

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