Friday, December 10, 2004

Ambient noise

I love traditions, well sometimes. As a child, I remember putting on nice clothes when the family went shopping at Sears. I like the idea of dressing up when you go out and think the world would be just a touch nicer if people continued this concept of respecting others in their own actions.

Another idea I like is saying, "Excuse me" before answering the telephone. I find it rude when a call from a stranger takes precedence over my presence.

I remember phone booths that closed around you, and I think that was a good idea also. And I think it rude when people do a lot of talking on cell phones in public places. To that end, here's a link that fights the rudeness of talking to loud on a cell phone with a new kind of rudeness. Not necessarily the best approach, but it's something.


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joy said...

I totally agree.

I would guess at least 80% of the time, I don't answer my phone when I am in someone else's presence. Exceptions are if I'm expecting a call that I know to be important (and caller id on the cell aids that), in which case I apologize for the interruption before answering.

It's extremely rare that I answer my home phone though when someone is over, unless the visitors are staying with me, then sometimes I will.

But the funny thing is that when people see me ignore calls, some of them are actually bothered. There are 2 reasons I figure for this. Some of them are concerned that I also ignore their calls when they aren't there, and that seems rude to them. Well duh, yes I do this to them too. But they don't see it from that point of view. And some of them are bothered because there is the curiosity in people to know the unknown...and an unanswered call makes people anxious. So to them, I would be anxious too for not answering my call. (Per "Influence", this is a common 'click-whir' response that people exhibit).

Point is I wish everyone agreed with this!