Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Christmas lights

I am pretty much done with the Christmas Lights for this season. We do something a little different with them every year, and we almost skipped this year altogether, until Kristi noticed lights on other homes and started missing them on ours.

I find Christmas Lights to be another chore I avoid and complain about, but don't actually mind all that much. It's the thought of them, not the doing, that bothers me. The tangled cords, the burnt out bulbs, the up-and-down-and-up again on the ladder, etc. But the result is always so pleasant. And when you are working on Christmas lights it is so very easy to see your progress.

So, it's done now, and I'll try to get a picture up so you can see what we've done this year.

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Anonymous said...

When I was a kid, I would always ask my parents to put up Christmas lights. Because I thought they were cool as hell. And they would always say that they couldn't, because we had no outlets on the exterior of my house. Sucked, but I accepted it. Then we moved and the new family had Christmas lights up in like five minutes. And my dad confessed that he had lied all those years, and he just really hated putting up Christmas lights.