Monday, November 22, 2004

Shooting it up

Today, I am exhausted. I just got back from Main Event, a local entertainment/arcade/bowling/billiards place. I went with Matthew, a cousin from New York City Alabama. After shooting at giant fish in some game from Sega, we played LaserTag.

If you haven't played LaserTag before, it's a where you strap on a LV (laser vest) and carry a Photon Gun (laser pointer in the shape of a gun). The arena is lit mostly with blacklight and they pump in fake smoke with fog machines. Then you run around and shoot each other for 15 minutes. It's a lot more fun than my description.

Matthew and I played against a team of three youngsters, and we almost won. It probably hurt our score when I shot Matthew before I knew who I was shooting. Of course, he shot back at me; wouldn't you?

Right now I resting up before we head out to La Hacienda Ranch for dinner. My only hope at the moment is that Kristi lets me go to bed early.

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