Tuesday, November 30, 2004

My new dentist

I went to a new dentist today. Not by choice so much, as by insurance company requirements. This one has a few advantages over the last one. First, this one is within 8 miles, maybe less, while the last was 40 miles away. Second, this female dentist is much nicer to look at than the soon to be retired old guy. Third, and most surprising, was the office decor. The office had a number of decorations you might see in a nicer home; tapestries, obelisks, and other decorative pieces. I was surprised that I've never seen a doctor's office market itself to females before, and of course surprised to have seen it all. What a shame the typical dentist/doctor office looks so darn drab. And even those times they make an attempt at the waiting area it is immediately obvious the thought was nto carried through to the patient or staff spaces. This really was a pleasant surprise. So, congrats to the new place for figuring out the experience is more than just waiting less than an hour.


Sleepless in San Francisco said...


I hate to spoil your joy but this is my dental office:

In addition to friendly (female) dentists, they have LCD TV monitors (with cable channel) on each treating chairs.


Glenn said...

That reminds me that I have to pick a dentist!

But that will have to wait until after the first of the year. In the meantime, I'm headed to Chris and Heather's on the 10th to celebrate my birthday (the 15th) care of a plane ticket from my wife. I haven't decided whether this is a gift to me (she knows I miss Chris a lot) or an opportunity for her to host ladies night at our palce!

(Happy belated Thanksgiving, Jeffrey. The blog software was not letting me post until today as it processed my "blog id".)

Jeffrey Davidson said...

I will say the previous dentist I went to had TVs in all the rooms. I dont recall seeing any television shows, but it was hooked up to a little camera they had. He would put it in my mouth and show me some tooth or area in question so I would know what was going on. And it was hooked to a photo printer that would spit out still images for the files. Pretty cool.