Thursday, September 30, 2004

Personality Type

I'm an ENTP. or I was the five times I took the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator. For some of those I am pretty close to the center of scale and I haven't taken a test in the last 5 or 10 years, but since personalities don't change much over time, I'll stick with this rating. If you have an interest in the topic, check out BLOGinality. This link is actually to their 'links' page, giving you more background on the topic and the chance to find a bunch of different personality tests (or "profiles" as the industry likes to call it).

So, why take a personality type indicator test?
  • First, because it's somewhat fascinating. Honestly, it can be entirely enlightening to take a 15 or 45 minutes mulitple choice test and have results spit out that identify you so very well. It allows you to see how you are both different from others around you while assuring you that even though unique, you are not alone on the planet. There are others who are like you.

  • Second, it can help you learn to deal with others. While I haven't experienced this, some people have been able to use the information gleamed about themselves and others as a tool helping them to have better relationships with friends, employees, co-workers, etc. Many businesses invest time and money in this hoping for this result.

  • Third, it can help you make better decisions about your life. This is the area I would like to see personality indicators used more. By understanding more about yourself, you can avoid bad decisions. To put it in other terms, if a primary motivation for you is interaction in others, choose a team sport like baseball rather than swimming, where your head is in the water! More importantly, it may help you choose a better carreer. When you find jobs that meet your own, internal needs, you will achieve bigger success, easier and sooner than you would otherwise.

This topic, especially in relation to the last point, means more to me lately because I have helped a couple people at the beginning of their careers. I was able to offer good advice on resumes and interviewing for jobs. Next time, I'll also recommend Do What You Are to help these folks look for the right kind of job.


joy said...

I love these things. I too took it awhile ago, about 7 years ago a couple times and then about 6 months ago again. In all cases, I've been very solidly ISTJ, and I wasn't middle of the road in any of those. Hey, look at us with the T in common!
I actually am so into this that I get a kick out of guessing what people around me (work and social relationships) are.

On a different, yet not so different note, I read once that marriages have the best chance at success if no more than 1 of the letters varies between the couple. Of course, just knowing your partner's other letters and what that means about them is probably your best strategy for success. Seems a bit obvious!

Sleepless in San Francisco said...

I'm an INTJ myself.
Just took this one last month, actually.