Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The Case for Kerry

I recently commented on someone else's blog that I thought the election boiled down to mostly pro-Bush and anti-Bush crowds, with the rest made up of undecideds and anti-Kerry folks. For those without a scorecard, it leaves very few people left who could be pro-Kerry. I'm not the only one to posit this, and Donald Sensing agrees. But he went further, issuing a challenge to his readers.
If you support Kerry for president, I invite you to write a guest post for this blog explaining why. Here's why it's a challenge:

To be published, you must explain why Kerry is to be preferred in terms that do not simply say he's not Bush. This is not an invitation to rage about Bush; it is an invitation to be positive about Kerry.
Fortunately for you and me, he did get two responses and he posted the best of them. Here is the intro:

The Case for Kerry
by Scott Forbes

In the past several months I've spoken or written to hundreds of Americans about the upcoming election, and registered hundreds more to request their absentee ballots. Many have already made up their minds, but some are still on the bubble: They have serious doubts about both Kerry and Bush, and are trying to weigh their options.

There are plenty of sources out there (credible and otherwise) making the case against either candidate… and we all have first-hand knowledge of Bush's performance in office, so a discussion of his merits is more reminder than introduction. That leaves only the case for John Kerry — the case that says Kerry will not only be better than Bush: He'll be a good, strong, capable leader by any measure.

I have not checked all of his references yet, and I'm not convinced he's right, but at least we've found one person who is pro-Kerry. If you are one of those on the bubble, I recommend reading the entire response.

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