Monday, September 27, 2004

The house is a mess today

Way back in May, during the early summer heat of Texas, we replaced carpet throughout the whole house. We really like the new carpet, a beige frieze'. In my office, we went with a hardwood floor from Bruce. It's an engineered wood, in a nice tan, but we had a problem with it.

Unfortunately, the office soon looked as if we had taken a ball peen hammer to the wood, with lots of little round indentations. It didn't come from the furniture (nothing has a foot that size), it didn't come from the chair (because the indentations are in the entrance to the room, not where I plop into the chair), and Kristi doesn't wear high heal shoes with little round points. So after calling Coker Floor Co. a number of times, they called and asked when they could come out and replace my office flooring (at the manufacturer's expense). Today turned out to be that day.

Instead of working from my office, I am sitting on the couch, and my desk is standing on it's end in the living room. The book cases are on their side in the dining room, and the fish is hidden behind all the books. I couldn't get internet access while the crew spent the entire day just ripping up the old flooring. I took a picture, but the other computer is the one that can download pictures, so it'll have to wait.

Because it took all day just to rip up the old floor, the new floor is now scheduled to be installed tomorrow. And I wont be able to set up the office until at least Thursday. *sigh*

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joy said...

Did you find the source of the problem? Maybe Shelby is wearing heals again?