Sunday, April 10, 2005

on drinking...

I did some drinking recently, more than usual. Going out for drinks in each of the last three weeks is a big deal since my "usual" is drinking on a quarterly or semi-annual basis.

That being said, I like to drink. Quite frankly, I miss drinking.

It's a pleasant change for me to lower my filters a bit. To take a few moments and just exist in the 'there' and 'then.' It's more than I usually allow.

But I only like to drink in a group, a like minded group. I enjoy interacting with others. I like the twists and turns of a conversation during an evening at the bar. I have often found camaraderie over a pint or two and I treasure those fleeting moments.


Anonymous said...


Jeffrey Davidson said...

Hmmm. Do you think they are disappointed because I like to imbibe a drinks occassionally or because I don't do it very often? Or maybe because I don't live in the moment as much as I could? Surely they don't begrudge me finding camaraderie?

Curious. And since they posted as Anonymous, I cannot ask them what they meant! How disappointing.

I can tell you they viewed 12 pages from my blog over a period of 9 minutes and 40 seconds from IP Address 165.162.238.#.

Glenn said...

Jeffrey, I am now 11 years and three months dry. If memory serves me well (and it serves better in the last eleven years than in the previous ten!), you were around for both sides of that change in my life.

There are days I miss the taste. Especially hot summer days after mowing the lawn! But it is with a semblance of pride that I can say I know what Saturday and Sunday mornings look like!

Rare... very rare is the day that I miss the effects.