Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Man arrested for paying in $2 bills

This shit really pisses me off. I guess I'll boycott Best Buy for the rest of the year. What a shame.


jenn see said...

that's truly moronic.

Jeffrey W Lundholm said...

I won't ever again do business with Best Buy as they don't honor their warranties.

Glenn said...

I find the action to be less-than-funny, but I wouldn't protest Best Buy because of it. The screw-ups in this case were the cashier, the manager and the arresting officer. If you're going to protest anything, consider protesting Baltimore for harboring three stupid people in the same district.

Boycotting Best-Buy over this is like boycotting ABC because some local stations refused to air Private Ryan. You're targeting the wrong people (at least based on the "facts" we *might* have at this time).

Lastly, since the story was listed in a bulletin board, and the link says you must be a member of the Baltimore Sun to read it, we aren't getting any of the follow-up. We don't know how the local Best Buy responded. We don't know if the regional or other higher management responded (or if they were even contacted).