Tuesday, April 05, 2005

He meant well

Today, like many days, I saw a business process rife with potential improvements. I like finding these. I like fixing them more.

But the low point of the day came when a co-worker uttered the following statement,
I'd rather be wrong than foolish.
What a shame he managed to do both is so few words.


joy said...

Do I even want to know?

ABCD II said...

I'm not sure what definition of the work foolish your co-working was using, but assuming it was something like "lacking in sense, judgment, or discretion," then I don't understand what the problem with his statement is. Can you enlighten me?

Jeffrey Davidson said...

While he was happy to look up foolish after the fact in defense of his statement, it was really about 'looking foolish.'

And if you look at isolated events, wouldn't you rather be right than wrong?