Friday, May 21, 2004

Real world economics in an unreal world

Game Theories

I find this fascinating. The concept of turning time spent in a virtual environment into real money. I have a friend, let's call him Curtis, who has made thousands of dollars (more than $20k) from selling online currencies. Recently, Curtis taught his wife how to run a macro program on a spare computer while he was at work. So, every couple hours she checked on the program, sold the currency to an online broker and was making a couple hundred dollars a week.

What is also fascinating is how top money people in games have developed a very strong system of time/money management. Just ask Curtis and he can tell you "At level 60+, I make more platinum an hour if I do X and Y. It is not cost effective for me to take 10 minutes to go do task A or B because I lose more platinum than it costs to buy ..." And so on.

If I could figure out how to capture the energy these players put into the game, and direct it towards an endeavor in the non-virtual world I would almost be guaranteed of success. Just look at their actions! Many (most?) of these top-tier players have taken the time to determine what specialized skills need to be mastered, what skills need to be understood generally, what the best tools are for each task they perform, what the market for their goods or services is, and how the overall marketplace works.

Or, you could get paid to just play the game. link

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