Saturday, May 08, 2004


Condolences to the family of Janet Pittman. Born June 1, 1939. Died May 5, 2004. She was filled with a zest for life and love for a good story. And boy, did she ever love to tell them!

Janet's final months were painful, having been diagnosed with cancer. Especially nice for Janet was that her brother, Michael and his wife, Bonnie—two very dear and giving people—were with her during the last few days of her life. Janet died in the home of her daughter, Tracy who had been caretaker for Janet for much of the last year. My aunt was survived by her three daughters, Tracy, Jean, and Melinda. My father, Janet's brother Tony, flew down from Chicago and I flew down for the viewing and funeral.I have always held Tracy in the highest respect. While we all have our own form of dysfunctional families, few of us have to take on the adult role for the rest of our family while we are still children; Tracy did, and she did it well. 

Tracy, you have our love and appreciation for taking care of your mother. You are in our thoughts.