Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Discounts are good

SpinRite 6.0 is almost ready for release.

Steve Gibson of GRC is offering a limited-time only discount on the newest version of the classic product SpinRite. This update has been a long time coming and, like most of his products, well worth the money.

With the release of our next major advance in SpinRite - version 6.0 - the first-time purchaser retail price will remain at $89, [...]

This special reduced pricing will not be made widely known, and is intended primarily for those who are following/contributing to SpinRite's progress and who have been actively helping to test the product as it is being developed for final release. [...]

So, follow the link above, click on "News" and read about the program's progress. The snippet above comes from a posting on Wed, 10 Mar.

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