Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Gifts and Sacrifices

I am in the airport, on the way to work. Kristi and Katie are doing great, here's a picture we took a couple days ago. Aren't we lovely together?Daddy & Katie
I bought Kristi a "Mommy Gift" from Aaron Basha. She says it's extravagant (though she still took it) and I said she deserves even more than the extravagant gift. Don't you think my bride deserves everything for working so hard to give birth to something so precious?

Finally, I am starting to get mad about something. It bothers me when people say it's a "sacrifice" to have and raise a child. Maybe other people had some big sacrifice, but I honestly do not see that this is the case or even understand. I didn't understand this before, but now that I have a daughter it really gets under my skin. I realize this may be a small thing, but I don't like it.

It's like saying I made a sacrifice by not playing football in college. I could have been in the NFL making millions, but instead I have weekends off. Or I made a sacrifice by not becoming a beach bum, because now I have to work. Or I made a sacrifice by marrying my bride, because I'm not having sex with a model on the Mediterranean coast.

But Katie is not a sacrifice.

You can say she is a consequence of my love for Kristi, and our desire for a child, and a particular mating ritual (hubba hubba), and a small dose of a pill, and a bit of luck or blessing, Kristi became pregnant. As a consequence of the pregnancy we now have a lovely new addition to our family. But Katie is not a sacrifice.

You can say she is a new responsibility because I choose to raise her well and with love. But Katie is not a sacrifice.

You can say she is a gift, a beautiful and extravagant gift we do not deserve. A wonderful gift because my family--immediate and extended--are pleased and proud and blessed to have her grace our lives. But Katie is not a sacrifice.

I'm sure I could go on, but the plane's about to go and I have to sign off. Talk to you later.


Glenn said...

Now, if you take a look at the word sacrifice more closely...

Sacrifice means to make sacred.
It did not have a meaning of giving up until three centuries later.

In the original sense, having a baby is indeed a sacrifice, for Katie is indeed sacred.

Tara said...

Some people figure once they have a child that they then have to give up their previous life of socialising, partying, etc. And yes, I believe once you have a child you should give up some things so you have more time and resources for your child.

I don't feel I've had to give anything up by having Gage. If anything, I've gained TONS by having him. Sure some mornings I could really do with staying in bed for longer, but once I hear him calling me "Momma, Momma" I can't wait to grab him up for a cuddle and kiss.

Without going into detail and such, people who say they've had to give up things, or made sacrifices, etc. to have kids...Some people, I think, just need to re-evailuate their priorities. Your child should be #1 on your list from the moment they are born to your last breath.

Hugz for all 3 of you from England!