Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Introducing Baby Davidson

We are proud to let you know about the birth of our beloved daughter,
Kaitlyn Leigh Davidson
Born Friday, August 18, 2006 at 12:13AM
Weighing 6 lb, 4 oz
19-3/4 inches in length

Author's note: The following story is the birthing diary I kept during our stay in the hospital. I finished telling the story of the experience, but some of it was not typed until after the event. At the end I was busy participating rather than typing. The story is continued in Part 2, talking about Kaitlyns time in the NICU.

Wednesday, 10:43 PM

We're at the hospital and Kristi has changed into a gown. Not the hospital gown, because the nurse has agreed Kristi can wear her own for the night. Tomorrow will be a different story.

The nurse's name is Caroline and she seems friendly. In fact, I have been very happy with every staff member we've run into here.

I'm running into a bunch of trouble with Cingular's wireless card so far, so we'll have to see how long I can keep the birthing diary going.

11:26 PM
Kristi has had a couple mild contractions, so mild she didn't know it until Nurse Caroline looked at the monitor and told us. Kristi's blood pressure is 146/83 and the baby's heart rate is steady at about 140.

Registration just called and I have to go down and fill out some forms.

Thursday, 12:10 AM
The contractions are coming pretty regular now that Kristi knows what to feel for (and I can see the peaks on the monitor). I'm sure this will make the doctor happy. In our meeting with the doctor she told us contractions prior to checking into the hospital would help the process go smoother.

12:54 AM
Kristi has given blood, she is hooked up to an IV with saline drip only (no drugs), and the good nurse Caroline is having her sign a whole bunch of consent forms. I also received instructions on how to read the little monitor and Kristi's contractions are running four to four-and-a-half minutes apart.

We have our first request for pictures, but even though I have camera, I do not have any software to load the pictures. This will be a text only story.

1:35 AM
Contractions are still going well, the nurse is asking a bunch of miscellaneous questions, and Kristi was just given Ambien to help her sleep.

So, in case you haven't figured it out, Kristi & I are in the hospital to deliver our first child, a baby girl. She is 37 1/2 weeks pregnant, which is full-term according to our doctor. Maybe later I'll write about why we're really here this week instead of waiting a bit longer for the blessed event.

Anyway, part of the "induced labor process" involves softening the cervix. For reference purposes, the cervix is generally thick and stiff like the end of your nose. During labor the cervix softens and becomes pliable like your lips.

2:58 AM
We've been watching some video tapes of I Love Lucy and Kristi has finally turned over to go to sleep. I just received this email from Martha

You two get some sleep. You've got a long day ahead of you tomorrow and then the first night with the baby. This is your last night to get some sleep, take our advise.... HIT THE HAY! It will be years before you get the opportunity again!
I've got some work to finish up so I'll be up for a bit more, but this is my last entry for the night. I'll talk to y'all in the morning.

4:20 AM
Kristi just paged the nurse because her contractions, which are now varying between every two and five minutes are quite a bit more painful. I finally convinced Kristi to accept some pain medication. She's worried about the baby, but it seems to me that she and the baby will be better if there's less pain.

She did fall asleep for a minute while I was typing, but then the next contraction started and ... you can fill in the rest of the story from here.

6:35 AM
Well the pain medicine didn't get administered until close to 5 and we've had a bunch of nurse visits since then. The pain medication has done wonders for Kristi and she has calmed down quite a bit.

The plan for when to introduce which drugs has been changed and the nurse has come in a half-dozen or more times since the medication started. The end result is Kristi has not slept for more than 5-10 minutes at a time yet. I'm done with my work for the moment, so I'll make the bed and see how much sleep I can get. At the moment, my expectations are pretty low.

10:10 AM
Quick update... I woke up at 9:55 and a bunch happened while I was sleeping. The doctor has been bye to visit while I was sleeping (an hour ago?) and she is expected back any minute. Kristi is dilated to 1.5 cm, the doctor can feel the babies head(!!), Kristi is 80% effaced (I'll explain that later), and when the doctor gets back she is going to break the water sac.

10:27 AM
The doctor is in the house...

11:45 AM - Quick
Kristi is doing great. Dilated to 3 cm. Epidural is in. She's about to take a nap.

11:46 AM - Long
I'll answer some questions from comments and emails a bit later.

Okay, so what's been happening since the doctor's visit? The doctor came in smiling and thinks Kristi is doing very well. The doctor said we're dilated to "a tight 3 cm." This is good because Kristi could not get an epidural when dilated less than 3 cm.

The doctor also broke Kristi's water during this exam. [Fluid was clear, which is good] The problem with this is contractions become significantly more intense (painful) after the water is broken. Pain before was rated a 5 or 6 or 7 before, it was rated a definite and tearful 10 after the water was broken. We only went through 3 or 4 contractions at the new, intense level before Kristi agreed to expedite the epidural.

Of course, it took some time to get the right people in the room and insert everything. Kristi did a great job and it struck me it must be more than the mind-numbing pain, but the whole idea that even as it lessens she knows it is going to come again in just two or three minutes. It adds a whole element of torture, the knowledge of impending pain, to the event.

During this period we also changed nurses from Tara to a tag team of Julie and Krisha Crisha (who is apparently still in training).

12:50 PM
I just had a mediocre panini sandwich for lunch. Kristi had a catheter inserted. She is only allowed to eat ice chips and popsicles, so she's a bit hungry right now.

Kristi's blood pressure is running high (143/72), but it is not very high compared to some of the peaks we've hit in the last 14 hours. Kristi has been hypertension medication for as long as I've known her to control her blood pressure. We spent a few night here in the hospital right at the end of June while she was 31 weeks pregnant due to her BP.

At the time the doctor was pretty sure we were going to be delivering the baby within days, a week at most. Of course the doctor's worry only added to Kristi's stress and BP, increasing the chances we would deliver early. To say I was frustrated at the doctor's mismanagement of Kristi would be a significant understatement.

Of course, it worked out okay in the end; by staying on strict bedrest Kristi was able to keep the bun baking for an additional six or seven weeks.

The doctor's due in a few minutes so I'll give you more info in a bit.

1:00 PM
Sometimes I look at her and cry. I really do love Kristi. I know it drives her crazy that I don't show much emotion except for when watching romantic comedies (we don't see commercials anymore since TiVo), but looking at her sleep now, or watching her walk down the aisle, touch me deep in my heart. I don't know how to express it, but the catch in my throat and the tear in my eye will have to be enough.

1:20 PM
Doctor update: Kristi is now completely effaced (cervix is soft), but she is only dilated between 3 and 4 cm. The doc upped the pitocin level to strengthen the contractions and increase the dilation. When asked when the baby would come the doctor said, "I have no idea." At least she's honest.

Next doctor visit will be a bit after 3 PM.

2:00 PM
Okay, time for a couple more updates. I forgot to tell you the doctor can feel the baby's hair. Isn't that just cool?

Answering some questions: The drug we were given after we arrived to soften the cervix is Cytotec (PDF alert). Typically women get two treatments of Cytotec, four hours apart. To our nurse's surprise the doctor ordered three treatments for Kristi. Due to "life happens," she only received one treatment and then went on Pitocin at 6AM when I was just going to sleep.

To the people asking if I'm a dad yet, the answer is "No." But you can bet your bottom dollar I ain't gonna be blogging in the middle of that. I love y'all, but I'll be busy holding Kristi's hand not typing about the actual birth. And no, I will not attempt to do both at the same time; don't ask.

It's funny, Kristi would never let me bring in a camera crew, but writing about for the experience you and your neighbor is just fine. She doesn't get how wide the reach of blogs are. (As an example, old friend Nnamdi sent email congrats from Africa.)

And for those of you who are new to this "blogging thing" I recommend you click on the comment link below. Doing this will let you read the comments of other people and enter your own comments. I do get your emails, but this post and the comments will survive much longer than my email archive. *sigh*

2:45 PM - Quick
The nursing team just came in to insert an internal monitor just to make sure they get accurate readings of Kristi's contractions and the baby. Everything is looking good and we have 5 cm dilation.

3:45 PM - Long
Hmph. About 3:10 the nurseing team comes rushing in and surrounds Kristi. She had 6 contractions in 5 minutes and the baby didn't like that. By way of communicating the baby drops her heart rate from about 140 to the 80s. Right away the team is cutting off the pitosin and adminstering a shot of Terbutaline, or Terb. The baby calms down right away and while blocking my view they have put an oxygen mask on Kristi.

Kristi is thinking I need to get my mind off this keyboard and onto her. I'm wondering where the doc is and the nurse gets her on the phone (but not the phone in the room; is this a bad sign?). While the team is wandering around the doc says she'll come by the room in 10-15 minutes.

Kristi is holding up well and I'm holding her hand. The contractions have not stopped, but they have started coming at a regular frequency. The baby's heart rate is good again.

After reviewing the situation the doctor says it's time to restart the Pitosin and build up the levels slowly. Dilated 5 to 6 cm, which isn't enough yet. (Did I tell you the goal is 10?)

And while typing all of this I've talked to Fred & Sandy. They're leaving our house and going to head this way. Kristi is feeling the contractions a bit more and they have sent in the guy to give her a booster shot through the epidural. They don't want to give too much because they want her to be able to push when the time comes.

4:30 PM - Misc.
Kristi feels like she has spent the whole day sleeping, but I know my honey, and this is not a good sleep. She is up every few minutes with a feeling, a pain, someone's entering the room and poking or rolling or somethinging her.

Kristi is starting to get a bit pissy about me blogging instead of giving her attention. I do jump when she speaks, but between the micro-naps and interuptions I do this. I am wondering if the typing isn't a substitution for feeling. If it puts off anxiety I'm okay with the swap; what did anxiety ever buy anyone?

Uncle Rick says the dogs are going to fall from grace, which is so true as to not be worth mentioning it. With the exception that Kristi doesn't realize it yet.

My mother called from Town East Mall. She may have gotten the directions to the mall from Kristi, but there is no chance Kristi gave these particular directions in relation to the hospital or the pregnancy. Maybe we shouldn't have given the directions out so long ago, but Kristi was trying to prepare her parents and mine.

I expect to see Fred & Sandy, Mom & Jill in the next 30 minutes or so. I know Sandy was worried this morning. She called right when Kristi was feeling one of the contractions where pain was dialed to 10. I can not yet imagine what it would be like to hear your daughter crying from pain in the background, but it gives me pause to even consider the thought.

The doc won't be back for another visit until 5:30 or 6.

5:50 PM
All the visitors are here and we're sitting around gabbing. Well, Kristi's half-asleep, but the rest of us are chatting away. The doctor's due soon. The 5PM BP medication is stuck downstairs in the pharmacy so the nurse is on an errand to get. Nothing big, just keeping you up to date.

6:15 PM
The visitors have gone off to have dinner and they'll come up for another visit afterwards. The doctor was here for about 10 minutes. Kristi and the baby are still doing great (her word), but Kristi has not dilated any further past 6 cm. The new order is to restart the pitosan (which I thought we did last time) and build up to the same dosage level we had previously. The doctor does not plan to be back for another 2-1/2 hours, but is somewhat hopeful the baby will arrive between then and 12 midnight.

Kristi is napping, and if the interuptions slow down a bit it just might be a good one this time. I probably won't post an update for a bit unless something changes.

6:40 PM
Just a comment, but it pisses me off when the nurse throws the door open and loudly asks, "How we doing?" Everyone tells us she should get more rest, but she is besieged by events that preclude a good rest. I know I am being protective here, but couldn't the nurse walk in and check to see if the patient is resting? And then maybe checking the machines and charts without waking her?

Author's note: The following two updates are recreations of lost updates.

7:30 PM
Hey, this new nurse, Amy, is all about the business. She just walked in and told Kristi we're going to have a baby tonight. Gotta change my shirt.

8:15 PM
We're gonna start pushing, might have a baby in two hours, gotta run...

Author's note: All the updates below this point were written after the fact. I've tried to keep the timline, events, and thoughts true, but I'll ask for a little forebearance if some unintentional license was taken.

8:20 PM
Dilated to 9 - 9.5 cm (still). The room is changing as they take apart the bed and get it set-up for delivery.

Q: Where's the doc? A: At dinner

8:45 PM
We're in a slight holding pattern; still not dilated enough yet. Seems like we're going to wait for 10 cm after all. Kristi is yelling at me about the computer, again. I wasn't even looking at it!

Q: Where's the doc? A: Dessert??

9:30 PM
Doc is in the house. We're close enough to 10 cm that the next time we have a contraction we're going to push.

9:50 PM
I can see why men were not allowed in here. I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm trying to encourage Kristi, but I know her and she has already tuned me out. Really. Like she just put her hand over my face and switched half-way through the contraction to putting her hand across my throat. I guess she doesn't want my encouragement. :-)

10:15 PM
Uh oh. Kristi is ready to give up. She says it hurts and it's hard. (No shit, they call it labor.) They count to 10, or almost, because Kristi doesn't push past 6, sometimes 7 in the count. Seriously, she can do it, but they need to push her more. She won't listen to me.

10:30 PM
She hurts. She says it every time. The pain is up on her left side. They don't want to open another bag of epidural solution because is $500 per bag. Like I care.

I think you have to be numb to people's suffering to be a nurse. Really. They just don't seem to care about her pain. It's a practiced indifference. Like the rest of the day they were just acting when they acted concerned.

10:30 PM
We have another nurse. She's the head nurse tonight and I don't remember her name, but as far as Kristi's concerned, we can call her Nurse Ratched. She just had a talk with Kristi. Now my wife is pushing to 10, sometimes 11.

10:45 PM
Kristi wants Lee. Anything for Lee. She really wants some more drugs. The real issue is, if you make her too numb, she will not have enough control to push. Honestly, she calls for Lee like a lost lover. It's kinda funny.

11:05 PM
The doctor shows me the baby's head. It's sticking out and I can see her hair. I want to cry. This is so special. I cannot show my tears to Kristi; they'll distract her from pushing.

11:15 PM
The doctor plays with the baby's hair while Kristi is pushing. She's pulling little bits of stuff out of the hair with her gloves on. It's pretty funny.

I say it seems like time is flying. it does for me, this is exciting. The doctor and Nurse Amy look at me like I'm the spawn of satan. Kristi doesn't even notice me.

11:25 PM
Nurse Ratched wants to have the baby tonight. Apparently she promised this to Freddie out in the hallway. We went so long I kinda want 12:01AM. I'm not sure why, maybe because it's a cool time of day.

Doc asks if Kristi wants to use the vacuum to pull the baby out. Kristi asks me what I think. Nurse Amy asks me why I get a say in the matter.

11:40 through 11:50 PM
They just called in half the hospital. Two more people just showed up and started getting the baby bed with lights all ready with blankets. Here comes Lee, the doc makes him stand away and out of Kristi's sight (haha). Here's comes another one. This is gonna happen.

11:55 PM
We're going to have just a couple more pushes. The hospitals clocks are all off. They match the computers but the computers are slow. What the heck?

Friday, 12:03 AM
Let's use the vacuum. It's time to get the baby out.

Friday, 12:10 AM
"Get the camera, get the camera!" Everyone's shouting at me. I just wanted to hold onto Kristi. Damn, where's the camera?

Friday, 12:15 AM
I'm taking pictures with one hand. Holding the phone up (speaker-phone mode) in the other so the grandparents can hear the baby cry.

They can hear my baby. That's my baby!

Author's note: And thus ends the first part of my story. You can find the next part of the story here.


Martha said...

Send us pictures...

Martha said...

It's been more than two hours since your last update! How are those contractions coming? What was she given to soften the cervix?

Jill said...

What is happening? I am on the edge of my seat and wondering how far she is dialated?

Martha said...

Patiently waiting for an update....

Martha said...

Patiently waiting......

Kerry said...

We (UTI) are able to read the blog through the firewall. We are humored and excited to hear the news! Now, STOP WORKING!!! I'd rather see pictures than requirements.

Glenn said...

Reading with interest, and comparing to my own experience with both of my children. Have fun with this!

Rhonda said...

How exciting...waiting to hear more and see pictures. Stop working you are going to show us up... you know dedication and all that. Enjoy the experience!

Brian C said...

Hey Jeffrey and Kristy,

The blog thing is very cool. You'll be able to keep this log and look back at it years from now and enjoy the experience again.

Has she had the pitosin (sp?) yet? Wait til you see the contraction numbers on the monitor then! :)

Kulin said...

Waiting for more update..

Martha said...

Ok, the doctor was in the house an hour ago... what is the update? Patiently waiting to hear about the progress.

Julie Robinson said...

Almost an auntie again... When I woke up the day after having Sawyer I knew that this was an amazing time that I really hoped you would experience. Jeffrey, you are gonna be a great daddy and my heart fills with joy every time I think of you and Kristi having a baby of your own! I love you and can't wait to keep updated! Kiss Kristi for me and remind her that this has been done a million times before her - and somehow we all manage to get through it!

Jeffrey Davidson said...

Just a note from the author... Kristi thinks I'm a bit of a goof for posting all of this, but I'm sure she will one day read the comments and encouragement from all of you. Thanks, form both of us, for the support.

Martha said...

So glad to get the latest update. Thank you? I like the eloquent descriptions of Kristi's pain. Are the soon to be grandparents Sandy & Freddie in the house? We're off to run some errands and will look forward to logging on and seeing the latest update in a few hours.

Julie Robinson said...

I remember that pain you are taking about very distinctly. When my contractions were coming every other minute I thought, "OH MY GOD, get than man with the needle in here fast!" It really was tourture. But then... the MOST AMAZING THING IN THE WORLD happens!!!

Jill said...

This is another of the aunties and I have to say that I am completely excited for you both after having just been in your shoes with my 2nd kiddo 6 weeks ago. Gooooo Kristie! Mom and I will be heading your way to support you in any way needed! We love you both! I have to say this is a great way of keeping everyone updated so were arent blowing up Jeffreys phone!

Roger said...

This is so much fun getting to be part of this miracle! Brings back some great memories of my kids being born (I think I was basket case by now). My wife just read the blog and talked about how great the epidural is so I hope it is having a significant impact on the pain. You both will never forget what you are about to experience and I can't even begin to tell you what the emotions will be like. Thanks again for keeping us posted.

Anonymous said...

Your vivid, endearing account of the experience brings a flood of precious memories to me Jeffrey.
Best wishes to you and yours, and enjoy the wonderful sensation of fatherhood!

Debbie Asp

Uncle Rick said...

update us on how the future grand parents are doing. We all know that the dogs are going to fall from grace.

Martha said...

Enjoying reading the updates. So far everything is just like what we went through 16 months ago with Micaela. Looking forward to the update after the doctor's 5:30 pm visit.

Glenn said...

Okay, I'll go ahead and ask publicly...

Why did you go to the hospital if she was only 3 cm dilated? Raelee walked around 3 cm dilated for a week. And we didn't head to the birth center until her contractions were five minutes apart for five consecutive contractions. Since you're an Internet fiend, I assume you looked up pitocin and all of the controversy over it (and the epidural, too).

Pregnancy is not a disease. It need not be treated as one.

There. I said it.

Now stop reading this and go take care of your wife and child. :D

Roger said...

Get some rest! I hope they are bringing you food. If not give me a call and I will get you some energy food. Good thing you fed Kristi well the other night..ha ha!
You are doing great!

Emily said...

I'm so excited for you both - this is a wonderful time (although Kristi may beg to differ right now!) Tell her to hang in there - its does come to a wonderful end! We were doing exactly the same (with the pitosin, monitors, epidural and all) 10 months ago today. Let Kristi know that somehow you forget the pain and just remember the feeling of holding your little bundle of joy for the first time! Can't wait to see pictures! You both are in our thoughts and we're sending warm wishes your way...

Martha said...

To Glenn

Kristi was induced for quite a few medical reasons. She is a high risk pregnancy because of her BP and she is AMA, advanced maternal age. When you're induced you sometimes start at 0 and work your way to 10. Obviously her doctor felt it was MEDICALLY NECESSARY for her to be at the hospital considering all of the factors. Perhaps your wife's doctor did not.

Jen said...

Reading your posts brings back all the memories, good and otherwise, from CJ's birth 9 months ago. The memories of the pain itself really do fade away, but that's slim comfort at the time! We're all here cheering you and Kristi on from Phoenix, and can't wait to get the birth announcement and some pictures! Take care of your girls, and cherish every moment.

Jim & Rhonda said...

Jim & I have been reading your blog all day and even had our cell phones on vibrate while we were at the movies this afternoon, just in case someone called us with the good news. We are praying for you all and we can't wait to see the baby when she gets here! Love,rhonda

Kerry said...

OK, so I've taken my computer home with me, so I could keep up with the blog tonight. We're all here for ya, and wishing for the best!

Aunt Sherry,Uncle Rick, Matthew said...

Wish we were there with ya'll. Since you haven't written in awhile, we are hoping that things are moving along. Ya'll are in our prayers. Cann't wait to see pictures of the newest member of the family!!!

Martha said...

Hi... I keep refreshing the page hoping for an update. My guess is things are moving right along. You're in our thoughts and prayers. Micaela is looking forward to having a new playmate!

Brian C said...

Home now and still checking up on you 2(3). Kerry and Jen and I were discussing the changes you make mentally once a child enters your life. The "icky" things that you'd only heard stories of become your experiences... and you don't mind. Diapers... nothing to 'em. Getting upchuck all over your shirt and consequently in your hair as you pull it off... just another day on the job. Its a wonderful, magical change. You'll enjoy it all. Can't wait to hear the news.

Glenn said...

Martha: Thanks for the inside info. Context is everything.

Jeffrey: The first rule of fatherhood... Kristi is not allowed to do *anything* for the first week. You do it for her. The second rule of fatherhood... ignore all the advice anyone gives you past the second rule of fatherhood. Trust your instincts.

Julie Robinson said...

Well, its late here and I know it's much much later there and you guys must just be exhausted. For that I am sorry. And also, Welcome to Parenthood! It doesn't matter how many times friends tell you to get some sleep - You just can't do it! I wish Kristi an restful few hours and an easy delivery. Love you both. I can not wait to see her!

Martha said...

Update for those who have been checking since 6-ish. I just talked to Kristi's father, she's in labor and has been pushing for about 2 hours... baby will likely arrive in the next half hour or so.

Roger said...

A little humor during labor is vital. So here is a question for you...If a cow laughed, would milk come out of her nose? My kids thought it was funny...hope you do too.

Jen said...

Just checking in before I check on my own wee one and head to bed. Hope all is well out there in TX and Mom, Dad, and baby are all well and riding the wave of high emotions that comes after such an event! Lots of happy thoughts and hopes coming your way this night.

Kerry said...

Yahoo! Congratulations! Kaitlyn, welcome aboard! Can't wait to find out why you wanted to wait until the 18th to join us.

Mike said...


Emily said...

Way to go, Kristi! My heart was going out to you during the last 24 hours. Can't wait to meet Kaitlyn.

Roger said...

Congratulations Kristi & Jeffrey and hello Kaitlyn!!! My kids still ask me to tell them about when they were born so Kaitlyn will have a wonderful running story of this miracle. Now the fun really begins so we will continue to pray for your new family!

Julie said...

Congratulations to the Davidson Family!! I am so excited to see pictures of my little niece - I am sure she is the most beautiful girl that either Jeffrey or Kristi has ever seen. And great job to Kristi - that sure was a lot of work with the pushing and I can't imagine how tired you all must be. But no worries; adrenaline and excitment and love with keep you wide awake for at least 24 more hours! Call when you have a minute Jeff. I love you all; Happy Family Davidson!

Tracy Francis said...

Congratulations!!!! Can't wait to see the new Davidson!!!

Aunt Sherry, Uncle Rick, Matthew said...

CONGRATULATIONS from your Alabama family! We cann't wait to meet Kaitlyn. I know there are some proud grandparents already spoiling our little Kaitlyn. Will talk to you after you get some rest. Love to all.

Glenn said...

Congratulations! As others have said, we need photos!

Brian C said...

Congratulations to the expanded Davidson family! Welcome to you Kaitlyn! I look forward to hearing stories of you and from your Dad. I wish you a long and happy life.

Linda and Eric said...

Jeffrey and Kristi and Kaitlyn...much Joy, Happiness, and Blessings to you all. We are happy to hear that Kristi and Kaitlyn are doing well after the physical journey they took. Eric and I are very excited for you all, and can't wait to meet Kaitlyn and/or see pictures when life presents you with a moment to post them. Tell Kaitlyn that I am honored to share my birthday with her, sorry Tommy B. Much love to you all.

Martha said...

Jeffrey & Kristi- We are so happy for you! Kristi, you did it -natural childbirth! Hats off to you! The two of you are going to be fabulous parents. We look forward to meeting Kaitlyn soon. We are on our way out of town for the weekend so we'll see you next week when you're up to having some warm Monkey Bread to snack on.
Kaitlyn- Welcome to the World Little Princess!

Much Love,
The Fipps
Troy, Martha & Princess Micaela

Jay O. said...

Congratulations you guys! How wonderful. Anything you need, just ask. That's one of the advantages of being a neighbor.

Terri Aleman said...

Congratulations Kristi and Jeff, as well as our best wishes. Welcome Baby Kaitlyn!
The Aleman's, Terri, Kyle, Phoebe and Paige.

Dorothy Starnes said...

Congrats on the new baby, so glad both Mom and daughter are doing well. Looking forward to blog updates. Tell Sandy & Fred congrats also for us. Sending much love, Dorothy & Robert in NM

Jeffrey Davidson said...

I wrote the following information in the hour between my last regular update and the time when the nurse said "Let's start to push. It's time to have a baby." So as much as I would have liked to get this response to Glenn in a timely manner, life intruded.

Also, for those of you wondering who Glenn is and why he asked something like this, please do not get upset. He's an old friend from college who (a) like to think outside the box, (b) be different, and (c) is more likely to ask the embarassing question than feel the embarassment.

With that said, here's the reply I was going to post on Thursday evening...

This is a good question. And I agree with the statement that pregnancy is a (beautiful) condition, not a disease. But your question presupposes a bunch of things, so let’s move back and I’ll give the back-story.

Before we considered getting pregnant, Kristi & I knew this would be a “high risk pregnancy.” I wasn’t particularly worried about it because it is common for women to have babies in high risk conditions, but I also didn’t know all that was involved.

For us, there are three risk factors. Our weight and exercise level, because neither of us is svelte nor do we exercise. Second, we’re closer to 40 than 35 and the latter number is the dividing line between normal and “high risk” pregnancies. Third, Kristi has a 10+ year history of hypertension; while her BP is under control with medication, it is a significant risk factor.

For all three items the mother and/or baby can have “complications.” I’m not gonna look up the links, but anyone interested in the details can use Google or one of the baby sites. It’s my understanding the first issue primarily leads to a harder time for mom while pregnant. The second increases chances of birth defects. The third issue can bring about Preeclampsia. While preeclampsia can affect any woman, in part because the latter stages of pregnancy typically impacts blood pressure, it is especially significant to pregnant women with a history of hypertension.

For all of these reasons the doctor always planned to induce labor in week 38, which would start for us on next Tuesday. When we arrived at the hospital last night for induction Kristi was not dilated to 3, she started at 0. This is the reason for the different medications we’ve had today.

RE: the controversy over different drugs and treatment plans… I love the internets, but I didn’t spend a ton of time and effort worrying the facts. I believe this is a natural event and it happens successfully a gazillion times a year or more. So, I decided to trust (a) our bodies and (b) Kristi’s doctor.

I determined the best course for us would *not* be to find potential problems, but to find ways to support Kristi and her likely decisions. My concern is her health / safety and well-being. Adding stress about whether an epidural (which is used in a big percentage of the gazillion births annually) is always good would detract from my support.

RE: today vs. the original induction expectation of next week… The story will come, but I’m busy right now so it’ll have to wait some more.

Martha said...

She's beautiful! Can't wait to read Part 2. We're on stand by if you need anything, remember we are just 20 minutes from the hospital.

Glenn said...

Still need that home address, Jeffrey. What I want to send won't go by Internet. (You said you might erad this more easily than e-mails, so I'm sending it here.)

Brenda P said...

Congratulations Jeffrey & Kristi! Wishing you three all the best during this wonderful time. God Bless, Brenda Pawlak