Thursday, May 05, 2005

Free Superheroes

It's been a long time since I collected comic books. I used to collect a huge amount of them, upwards of 75 titles at a time. I still have few thousand or more of them in mylar bags up in the attic. I don't pull them out very much, and not just because the boxes are heavy and buried under the Christmas decorations. I hadn't thought about it until I started to write this post, but I cannot even say I enjoy superhero-based movies anymore.

Hmph. It is a pleasant thought to think I have grown up enough over the last decade or two that I no longer feel the need to live vicariously through the cartoon characters of my past. I have enough confidence and control over my life and my destiny that I don't need the escape mechanisms of my childhood.

But, since Free Comic Book Day 2005 is coming this Saturday, maybe I'll step into a nearby comic book store and visit my old friends. They are literally giving away comics from a bunch of different publishers. The titles include special editions of Batman, Betty & Veronica, Ronin Hood of 47 Samari, Star Wars, Uncle $crooge, and others.

Heck, since they're free, it migh be worth your time to go by a comic book store and pick one up for your favorite neice or nephew.

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