Tuesday, March 22, 2005

My new next phone

I wanted to change the service plan for my cell phone a couple months ago because I wasn't using all my minutes on the old plan, so why waste the money? Unfortunately, Cingular Wireless is like every other cellular carrier, which is largely a pain in the @&%. To change my plan, I had to buy a new phone (!) and change to GSM, a service that provides a purely poor reception within our house. (I called to complain about it, but they had trouble hearing me and the connection was dropped before I could finish bitching).

To top it off, I do not like the phone I got, the Nokia 3120. I regularly have trouble hearing people when they are talking. A good part of the problem is how I hold the phone, and after three months, I still haven't had success retraining my muscle memory.

siemens_m65.jpgSo once again I want a new phone. The things I want in a new phone are a great screen, cool programs, and maybe a camera. But more than my wants, I could really just use a decent interface to MS Outlook and I've had a client where cameras was not allowed. So I was pretty happy to see Gizmodo's description of the new Siemens SP65 Business Phone. It features
Bluetooth, Outlook synchronization, a reduced size memory card slot, and a 260,000 TFT display... It purposely lacks a camera in order to meet emerging corporate security and procurement requirements... Available next month, the phone offers 5 hours of talk time and nearly two weeks of standby.
Who could ask for more?

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Sleepless in San Francisco said...

As a cellphone freak, I'd highly UN-recommend Siemens handset. In general, they have the lousiest logic of key functions.

Read some scheme that you can get from GSM providers (Cingular, AT&T, T-Mobile) here. (My comment at Alexander's blog)

If you're looking for smartphone-features, check out this Audiovox.
I used Audiovox back in Asia around 97-98, even in the handset progressive region, that Audiovox of mine was one of the best in the market at that time.

Happy shopping!