Saturday, May 27, 2006

A dozen years, an airport, and 263 feet

Way back in college I was a part of Alpha Phi Omega. Purdue's chapter of APO was a great place to be. In fact, the only people I keep in touch with from college are all from APO. I would say I spent most of my time with four very different people; Linda, Jay, Chris, and Glenn.

Which is funny because Linda and I were both at PHX, or Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport on Thursday. She was catching a connecting flight between Lafayette, IN and San Diego on the way to see her husband Eric. I was catching a flight home to see Kristi. I just missed seeing Linda in person because the timing between her flight and mine was too close for the space between terminals 3 and 4. We gave each other a virtual hug over our respective cell phones and said "Maybe next time."

Tonight I got a phone call from Jay, which is surprising because we only talk to each other once a year or in the annual Christmas card letter. We've only gotten together a couple of time socially since I moved to Dalls, in part because the distance between our respective suburbs is pretty high. But I suppose it has more to do with him being a family man with three boys and me traveling for a living. Anyway, all that is going to change next month. It turns out he just bought a house down the block from us. It's a red brick two story we can see from our front yard, only seven houses away!

I suppose I should be on the lookout, because at this rate I might get to see Chris or Glenn real soon too! Hmm, I wonder when I'll be seeing Tommy, and Emily, and Doug, and Heather, and Derek, and Brenda, and Joe, and Jen, and Chris, and...

Post Script: Doesn't Lee live in Phoenix? Hmm, maybe I'll see him next.


Glenn said...

Lee lives in Chandler (as does Sarta, naturally).

Queenie said...

It is summer.
And summer is a good time to hook-up with old friends!