Monday, January 02, 2006

A Very Happy New Year

Hello everyone!

It's been a good year even though we didn't spend enough of it together. If you're on the list to get one of Holiday Greeting cards you'll note the absence of the traditional recap of the year.

I wrote the letter, but Kristi didn't want to send it because she thought it was sad rather than interesting. I personally think the year was filled with a number of interesting things even it it wasn't quite as exciting as some previous years.

We really enjoyed the holidays together, spending most of the time in pursuit of the simple things, like cuddling with each other on the sofa.

But boy, have things picked up and gone crazy since then! We've been open to having children for the last couple of years. So far, we've been pretty passive (not using protection), but we were not getting any traction this way. Kristi talked to her doctor in November and was put on a fertility drug to increase the chances of ovulating. If it didn't work I was going to ask my doctor to check my sperm. As luck and love would have it, I don't need to see my doctor. You see,
Kristi's pregnant!
So please, send your congratulations to me. And your condolences to her Honestly, would you want me to be your child's daddy? :-)

Actually, I've been thinking about how I wanted to raise my children for almost 20 years. I'm not sure any of the ideas are going to survive the first night, but I am very excited and looking forward to the first addition to our family.

I found the The Baby Name Wizard: NameVoyager a couple months ago and thought it was fun to see how the popularity of baby names has changed over the last 130 years. Now I plan to be looking at the site a bit closer.

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Glenn said...

Congratulations, Jeffrey!

My son is due on the 21st, although we expect him much earlier than that. We picked a name on Christmas Eve, finally.
Keaton Noble Estes Peirce.
Estes is Raelee's maiden (and now middle) name.

Anyway, is there a chance of you sending that letter our way anyway? Even sad times are useful when they cause growth.